Stara Vorokhta


"Stara Vorokhta"

Designed for 2-4 guests


Specialservices are provided for apartment guests, visit to the bar and restaurant "Stara Vorokhta", also free bicycle rental


The apartment has: spacious bedroom, living room with sofa bed, recreation area, flat screen tv bathroom with bidet,kitchen stove and refrigerator


The apartment has a private terrace in the shared lounge area


Price for the summer season

  • from 1550 uah


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Restaurant "Stara Vorokhta" Family restaurant

For guests of the restaurant we offer Hutsul flavor of dishes and drinks

You can feel the unique taste of our ethnic dishes and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old Vorokhta, with its culture and customs.

The restaurant consists of three themed halls: Polonynsky with a fireplace, hunting (banquet for 12 guests) and actually old Vorokhta

Waiting for you!